Base Camp 1000 days for the planet, presented by Radio-Canada
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The creators of base camp

The creators of base camp

The creators of base camp
The creators of base camp
The creators of base camp
Mélanie Crespin

K and Mélanie Crespin – Vous êtes ici

At the beginning, there was K

K is an ecocommunicator who founded Vous êtes ici Multidisciplinary by nature, she manages and co-manages projects and events that aim to touch people and change the way we do things.

Her first event, A Day without Brand-New Clothes, was held in 2003, and since then, many other projects have followed. In 2004, she founded Vous êtes ici Its first event, Earth Evening, was a benefit gala for the planet that brought together several local artists – Guy A. Lepage, Gregory Charles, Laure Waridel, Marc Labrèche – onto the same stage.

She met Mélanie Crespin in 2010 at the O. N. E. Outfits from a New Era exhibition. Presented at the Biosphere, the exhibition, which featured outfits fashioned from waste, video projections and a vibrant soundtrack, showcased a troubling environmental reality.

A scattergun approach

Both educational and tinged with great sensitivity, the Vous êtes ici projects integrate music, humour and information to get the essential message across and inspire sustainable change.

Their goal? To create a world that is more alive and in harmony with nature. Citizen mobilization is of great importance: K put out calls to the community to get the 9,000 pill bottles she needed for one of her works and 10,000 plastic corks to create a plastic continent. Each project appeals to different realities – artistic, scientific, artisanal – which are all united by a common thread.

Committed to biodiversity

For 1000 Days for the Planet/Base Camp, the latest Vous êtes ici creation in collaboration with Space for Life, K and Mélanie created an ambitious project: building a collective movement of engagement to increase efforts to conserve, preserve and save biodiversity.