Base Camp 1000 days for the planet, presented by Radio-Canada
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Behind the scenes at the base Camp

Behind the scenes at the base Camp

The artists and artisans behind 1000 Days for the Planet/Base Camp

1000 Days for the Planet: Base Camp is a unique and extraordinary museum experience. It’s a journey on which not only scientists have embarked, but also artists and artisans, who co-created the exhibition by adding their own very personal touch.

Inspired by nature, about which they too are passionate, these artists and artisans have given new life to materials and objects that already have a history by integrating them into their creations to build the universe of 1000 Days.

Wood, cloth, plastic and glass were used or re-used for objects, furniture and even a work of art. In some cases, some of these materials and even videos were obtained through public or private donation campaigns in which hundreds of people participated. The result is eloquent: a friendly, delightfully creative and stimulating environment that is remarkably ingenious and original.