Base Camp 1000 days for the planet, presented by Radio-Canada
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1000 Days for Sedna IV and Space for Life

1000 Days for Sedna IV and Space for Life

The Sedna IV - Photo : Bernard Brault
The Sedna IV - Photo : Bernard Brault

Together, Space for Life and the Sedna IV crew share a common passion: a love of our marvellous planet and the extraordinary biodiversity that inhabits it, and the urgent need to take action in order to protect this biodiversity.

Together, Space for Life and the Sedna IV team have teamed up for a joint project to bear witness to the state of our planet’s biodiversity, share a unique experience and raise your awareness of the need for you, too, to take action to protect this biodiversity: 1000 Days.

  • 1000 Days for the Planet is Jean Lemire’s mission;
  • 1000 Days for the Planet/Base Camp is the Space for Life exhibition;
  • 1000 days is also the duration of the mission and the exhibition.

In the ocean

The spectacular odyssey of Sedna IV began on April 18, 2012, when Jean Lemire and his crew cast off their moorings to sail the seas. As they cross tens of thousands of kilometres, they will document the beauty and incredible diversity of the species that inhabit our planet. They are sailing around the world to bear witness to the state of the biosphere and the relationship that we humans have with it.

On earth

Here in Montréal, Space for Life is presenting 1000 Days for the Planet/Base Camp, the terrestrial part of the mission at the Montréal Centre for Biodiversity, where, in the exhibition space, we check in daily with Lemire’s mission. Every day, we hear about the day’s events, highlights, and latest discoveries. Space for Life team members are on the boat experiencing the 1000-day adventure. They are the vital link, keeping us up to date with the mission and giving us the chance to share their life on board the ship.

Research to benefit biodiversity

Researchers are at the heart of actions taken to protect biodiversity. Throughout their mission, Jean Lemire and the Sedna IV team will meet them in the field, report on their actions and the impact their actions have on saving biodiversity. At the Base Camp, more than 20 Space for Life and Université de Montréal researchers will present their work to us. All the researchers are working in their respective specializations to find ingenious and innovative ways to protect plant and animal species and the ecosystems of which they are a part.

Now we take action!

For 1000 days, the Sedna IV mission’s team is fully committed to seeing, evaluating and reporting the state of our biosphere. Lemire and his collaborators are our eyes and ears in the furthest reaches of the planet. In Montréal, a large part of the Base Camp is devoted to reflection and action: learning what our peers are doing, each person in his or her own environment, to protect diversity, and then taking action, dedicating themselves, because we can all become “ambassadors” of biodiversity. Each of us has the power to take concrete action to ensure the continuity of life on our planet.

Will you be one of the 1000 ambassadors who take action?