Base Camp 1000 days for the planet, presented by Radio-Canada
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Jean-Guy Trussart

Jean-Guy Trussart

Jean-Guy Trussart
Jean-Guy is back from the Sedna IV

Can you briefly describe the path that led you to be part of the team of Biodôme communicators aboard the Sedna IV?

I’ve been an environmental educator at the Biodome since 1992. I studied ecology and animal biology at the Université de Montréal, and then worked for several years as a nature interpreter in several national parks in Québec and at the nature centre at Mont Saint-Hilaire. I love to travel and discover new environments; it’s a whole other way of getting to know nature.

What does nature mean to you?

Observing nature is a way of life. By being attentive to everything that is happening around me, I am “present,” and I feel like I am an integral part of my environment. It is a spiritual state that is essential to my well-being. And this is why being part of the 1000 Days mission is so important to me. Being part of the crew and having new and different experiences each day, intimate experiences with nature is an intense experience of belonging to life, the life that is all around me.

In your job as an environmental educator, you do a lot of work involving educational activities. Can you tell us about how you create your projects?

I am always looking for new ways to get people, especially kids, interested in natural environments and biodiversity. I have created programs for Secondary Cycle 2 students on polar ecosystems and the tropical rainforest, and as part of the Antarctic Mission at the Biodôme, I also created a school program. These programs made it possible for me to communicate a lot of very interesting information, and kids are very receptive.

Are you also exploring other media?

Yes, I use theatre, and I have created educational presentations about the tropical rainforest. I also work with the Web. It’s a very effective way to reach young people. I created interactive activities for them on the Biodôme’s Web site.

What are some of your other achievements?

I created a permanent exhibition on the natural history of Mont Saint-Bruno and an environmental education model for the Mont Saint-Bruno national park.

What do you how to take away from your participation in the 1000 Days mission?

I don’t have any specific idea about what awaits me, but I feel that this will change my life. I’m very interested in biodiversity and on the boat, I’ll be out there, seeing and learning and communicating my experience. I’m sure it will give me lots of ideas that I can use when I get back…